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Care Machine

Mixed media sculpture
72" x 28.5" x 29.5"

An extraterrestrial location, Esoterica is the next destination for ancestors when they leave Earth. This planet is powered by care and as a result, creativity is plentiful. Even though Esoterica is over three hundred light-years from Inglewood, Esotericans have activated many wormholes throughout Planet Earth.
In direct response to a recent distress signal from planet Earth, a glowing pink monolith from Esoterica appeared on Crenshaw Boulevard. This otherworldly curio has taken the form of a vending machine. The interactive piece invites the viewer to use familiar cues as opportunities to engage with the concept of care. A singular vending machine with objects that Black women requested in response to the following question: What items represent and provide care? The pink vending machine is fully stocked with condoms, tampons, pads, edge control, braiding hair, abortion pill resources, and books. All contents are free of charge.

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